Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to make your own make-up!

*some of my beauty style inspirations [ashley tisdale, brenda song, coco rocha, jane aldridge, scarlett johansson, taylor momsen, hilary duff]

Here's a few cool tips on how to make new make-up ith things you already have in your make-up bag. I thought this was kinda cool so I thought I'd shre it with you guys, even though I don't usually cover make-up on my blog. =) (and yes, this is a repost from another blog of mine)

Eye shimmer + Vaseline= Cream Shadow

Eye shimmer is often very messy and powdery. Make it stick with some Vaseline. This gives you less of a crease, and more of a defined look.

Powder blush + Vaseline= Lipgloss

If your blush shade is flattering, it should be a flattering gloss shade too.

Body glitter + Body cream= Moisturizing Body Glitter

Put your body glitter and body cream on at the same time by mixing them together!

Dark foundation + Face cream= Light Foundation

Summer tan starting to fade? Your foundation not doing the same justice it did two seasons ago? Mix it with your face cream! It'll match your skin tone better AND it'll keep your skin hyrdrated during the cold months.

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  1. hayyy girl hayyy!

    my beauty inspirations are vanessa hudgens, blake lively, and miley cyrus. they all keep things are natural but still look great. i like taylor momsen's drippy-makeup spin on Christina Aguliera (Sp? xD_ but i wouldnt do my makeup likes hers, like, ever. haha. it's just not who i am.

    cute makeup recycling ideas! i saw similar ones in seventeen once, a couple of issues back, lol.

    lovelove sunshiineeee<3