Saturday, May 9, 2009

last minute shopping!!

Oh no! This is not good at all. I have a Communion to attend next week...but I have no idea what I am wearing! If anyone would be kind enough to throw out some suggestions it would be most appreciated.

xx, katie


  1. heyy kate! sunshine hereeeee!

  2. i think you should go with something casual-sweet, like a short flowered dress with a matching solid-colored cardigan. or something more mature, like a printed a-line skirt with a solid-colored tank top and a shrunken blazer. or go with (not denim or plaid xD) candy colored bermuda shorts, a gold belt, a blousy tank, and tons of jewelery. what do you think? :)

  3. oh my gosh, hi! =) Thanks for replying. ive really needed a "boost" in replies lately=)

    and just so everone knows: i went in a black polkadot tank, ralph lauren floral mini, and gladiator sandals. tres chic. :]

    thanks for replying everyone! keep being fabulous...keep following