Friday, June 26, 2009

Shoe of the day #1!


love it...

**Hugs, kisses && couture

the most amazing betsey johnson dress ever!

School is out! This dress is just so summer. I absolutely adore this dress.. it has this whole Alice in Wonderland gone bad vibe. It would look perfect with studded Burberry heels and a chunky bangle or headband.

**hugs, kisses && and couture

Monday, June 22, 2009

summer 2009 travel essentials!

Trouble packing? YFF has come up with a helpful travel essentials list for everyone.. wheather you are off to a big city or going tanning beachside.

City Set
*Casual dresses (THE EXAMPLE: French Connection Dress $148 at Bloomingdales)
*Lightweight blouses
*Skinny jeans
*Super high heels (THE EXAMPLE: Leather Sandal $779 at Jimmy Choo)
*Ballet flats
*Casual scarves(THE EXAMPLE: Leopard print scarf $995 at YSL)
*Awesome luggage (THE EXAMPLE: Tiger stripe luggage $1,500 at DVF)

*Floral bikinis (THE EXAMPLE: Bandeau Bikini $149 at Lilly Pulitzer)
*Cotton cover-ups
*Colorful tees
*Printed shorts
*Flip flops (THE EXAMPLE: Striped Flip Flops $48 at Henri Bendel)
*Sunglasses (THE EXAMPLE: Pink Sunglasses $98 at Juicy Couture)
*Awesome luggage (THE EXAMPLE: Tumi luggage $750 at Bloomingdales)

**hugs, kisses, and couture

Sunday, May 31, 2009

check out my hot new backpack (yes! a backpack that's actually hot!)

This is my cool new Lesportsac bookbag. Well actually, mine's a little different. It's black with multi-colored letters on it saying LESPORTSAC everywhere. <3 it so much! GET YOUR OWN : It's the 7547 Livvy and you can get it on the Lesportsac website.

**hugs, kisses, and couture

obsession with ISSA!

It's official! I have a new favorite designer... Issa. I'm just absolutely crazy over their Fall 2009 collection. The clothes are gret, but what really got me going crazy were those adorable "mop" like clutches as I've been calling them. Chanel Iman looks fabulous!! I mean, you just have to adore these pictures! Make sure tocheck out the full collection. =)

**hugs, kisses, and couture

Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to make your own make-up!

*some of my beauty style inspirations [ashley tisdale, brenda song, coco rocha, jane aldridge, scarlett johansson, taylor momsen, hilary duff]

Here's a few cool tips on how to make new make-up ith things you already have in your make-up bag. I thought this was kinda cool so I thought I'd shre it with you guys, even though I don't usually cover make-up on my blog. =) (and yes, this is a repost from another blog of mine)

Eye shimmer + Vaseline= Cream Shadow

Eye shimmer is often very messy and powdery. Make it stick with some Vaseline. This gives you less of a crease, and more of a defined look.

Powder blush + Vaseline= Lipgloss

If your blush shade is flattering, it should be a flattering gloss shade too.

Body glitter + Body cream= Moisturizing Body Glitter

Put your body glitter and body cream on at the same time by mixing them together!

Dark foundation + Face cream= Light Foundation

Summer tan starting to fade? Your foundation not doing the same justice it did two seasons ago? Mix it with your face cream! It'll match your skin tone better AND it'll keep your skin hyrdrated during the cold months.

**hugs, kisses, and couture

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


YFF has gotten a hot new makeover, so reply reply reply and tell me what you think about it! It's still kinda in the process, you may find a few changes here and there everyday. Thanks for reading! Remember to follow!

xoxo, katie

Saturday, May 9, 2009

last minute shopping!!

Oh no! This is not good at all. I have a Communion to attend next week...but I have no idea what I am wearing! If anyone would be kind enough to throw out some suggestions it would be most appreciated.

xx, katie

Friday, April 3, 2009

your perfect jeans!

Huhllo, girlies! Sorry for the long wait, but I've been trying to figure out how to get pictures from my camera onto YFF... No such luck. Ah well! I'll keep on trying. Anywho, here are some helpful tips on finding your perfect pair of jeans!

petite girlies- finding darkwash straight-leg jeans is a MUST for you shorter girls, because not only does it balance everything out, but the dark color make your legs look thinner and miles long. EXTRA: high-waist jeans give the illusion of long legs. TRY- 1) Gap Jeans for $64.50 but currently on sale for $39.99!! a steal!

tall girlies- being taller, it's easier for you to pull off billowy, hippie-like jeans and super-destroyed styles. cropped jeans are also a great look on you. TRY- 2) 7 For All Mankind for $198

small booty girlies- wearing light washes make your rear look a bit more full, compared to dark washes. flap pockets and rhinestones on back pockets give your bottom some shape. TRY- 3) Ralph Lauren Blue Label for $798

big booty girlies- darkwashes make the legs appear leaner. don't go for skinny jeans, because they tend to embrace figure. wide legs are the best bet. TRY- 4) DKNY for $48


Monday, March 2, 2009

cameras and shopping for an amazing easter outfit!!

Yay!! I finally got that digital camera that I have been wanting for-eva. The picture of that black camera over there is just like mine, except mine is in pink. I had a sleepover with my friends on Saturday and we took tons of useless -but hilarious- videos of ourselves. This camera is great, and I would recommend it to anyone. It's easy to use and take great pics! For more info go to:
I also went shopping for a fabulous outfit to wear on Easter. My family is one of which gets fairly dressed up for holidays. There's a really tiny picture up top of the Juicy Couture jacket that I'll be wearing. But since you can barely see it, you can go to this link to veiw a larger image: I actually got mine at the Juicy Couture outlet for only $130! It was originally something like $350! Such a steal. I also bought this adorable Ralph Lauren black mini skirt with a tiny white floral on it. It has a kind of flowy look to it, and it has tiers. It must be from a couple of seasons ago, because it's not on the website (I also got it at an outlet store). It's adorable though. Once I figure out how to upload images onto my blog I'll post a picture of it! I think I'm going to wear it with my black cami, crisp white button down shirt, navy blue tights, and maybe brown suede wedges. I'm debating whether I should wear it with black ballet flats instead... We'll see! I'll definetly be wearing my mom's 80s vintage Carolee necklace. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

my weekend :)

Heyy girlies. Yesterday for my mom's birthday we went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was uber cute, but it didn't have much to do with the books at all. It was absolutely insane the way they dressed Becky. It was a bit too much, if you ask me. Nevertheless, Isla Fisher was hilarious. You should've seen her slap that Finnish man silly. :)
I also bought the cutest jeans ever. It took me two hours to find these two pairs of jeans, but whatever. I've always had a hard time finding jeans in my size. I looked through Aerie, Express, Justice, Forever 21, H&M, Macy*s, Aeropostale, Hollister, and Old Navy. I must have tried on over 40 pairs of jeans. Finally, I found these two amazing pairs at Gap. The pictures of them are at the top of this blog, but you can get a closer look at: (for the first pair) and (for the second pair).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

marry me, it's valentines day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you got so many roses, there's no more room left in your vase. And that you've eaten so much chocolate, you gained five pounds. :)
Speaking of love and pretty things, this is one of my favorites from the Vera Wang Fall 2009 bridal collection. Yeah, I'm not planning on getting married anytime soon, but every girl daydreams about the perfect dress! And every stylish girl dreams of a Vera Wang dress. I think this one is just perfect, because it's just so colorful and fun. I think colorful wedding dress are really modern. It's new and fresh, and something different than the traditional white.
Speaking of wedding dresses, I'm hopefully going to see Bride Wars tomorrow, but we'll see. I might get forced into Mall Cop instead. Ugh. Anywho, I hear Vera Wang made all of the wedding dresses, so they must be pretty.


It's about time someone got it right! Carrie Underwood, you're my hero. Your dress is absolutely adorable, and the fit is just superb. You look uber tan, and the hair is perfectly young. The make-up is just the right amount. Your outfit is simple, yet chic. Congrats! You have my seal of approval, dahling.


Oh, Duffy! Her dress was just adorable, and she seemed so happy to be at the awards. But the make-up just wasn't working for her. I mean, what the hell? She looks like a grandmother! She piled way too much of the wrong stuff on. I think it's great that she's staying "modest" and doing her own hair and make-up, but she should really consider getting a professional to do her make-up. You should really consider getting a professional to do your make-up Duffy!! They can work wonders on the face. Your hair is cute, I guess.


Ehmagawd, seriously! What the heck could you have possibly been thinking? The hair is just all wrong... and the dress. The dress is a totally different story. You're a doll Paula, but fashion risks aren't your thing. Next award show you go to, just stick to black... and nothing more.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh, selena!

Ok, I'm totally undecided if I love this dress or not. The idea is great, but it's just a little bit too much. Without the sash I believe it would be much cuter. I just don't understand the whole concept of it. I think it's the sleeves that are distracting me. The whole transparent trend is just kind of odd. Without the sleeves and sash, it would be fabulous. You're great Selena, but I'm not sure this dress was the best choice for the event. What do you guys think?