Wednesday, May 27, 2009


YFF has gotten a hot new makeover, so reply reply reply and tell me what you think about it! It's still kinda in the process, you may find a few changes here and there everyday. Thanks for reading! Remember to follow!

xoxo, katie


  1. haha, sunshine again. i love the new look! i can totally relate to the stuck-in-suburbia thing. :(

    so, how was your week? tell me everything... i'm dying to see what kate is like outside the F&S, lol :) my week was pretty unevntful, but yesterday i went to a three-day (lasts until sunday) fair/carnival with all of my friends... it was so fun!

    btw, do you remember hannah from the f&s? she was out of control. :l

    lovee sunshiia <3

  2. whoops, that last face was supposed to look like this: =/, but it actually looked like this :l which was supposed to look like the colon and a straight line, representing a frown.


    i'll stop pyscho-talking now.


  3. my week was fabulous as always. minus a couple of failures of course. pop quiz too. =/ i injured my ankle though. so that kinda sucks too. but i hung out with a bunch of friends ast night so that was cool.

    ive always been kinda suspicious about her. has something happened with her lately?

    btw do you have your own blog? i would totally check it out if you do!